New Glasses for a Change

Many people that I know of dislike wearing glasses because they think they look ugly with it. Personally I love wearing glasses and my friends knows that I’m a fan of hipster glasses. They are fun and loud accessory to add on to my boring wardrobe full of black clothing.

In case you haven’t realised, I wear them on a daily basis for more than a year:


And now I am going to share with you about my new hipster glasses from Glossi Eyewear! Pretty or what? 😛


I guess I got a little bored of dark colored glasses and decided to opt for a bright red for a change… which I am pretty surprised because this pair of glasses brightened my face a lot and made me looked very refreshed (and fair, teeheehee).

CIMG8256_1 584

Glossi Eyewear is a brand under Nanyang Optical that seeks to bring fun and attention beyond its basic functionality.

The jury of Red Dot Design Award 2012 commented that Glossi’s retro design combined with the bright color and transparent layering effects makes their eyewear appealing to wearers.

CIMG8257_1 584

The best part of it is that it is very flexible and springy because the conventional soldering are replaced with hand-stitching of Nylon string to join the frame front to the temple or top bar.

Just last Saturday, I went out on a movie date with my friend and decided to dress up nicely to complement my new glasses.

CIMG8235_1 584

Bought my leggings at a shop in Esplande when I went to watch a lighting and sound showcase and it has since became my favorite. Woohoo~


CIMG8239_1 584

I’m amazed by how light weight and it is. Made from strong and flexible NCP (Nylon Compound), it also allows the frames to be near-weightless pressure on the face and enhances durability.

Also check out the reflective patterns of the frame!

I just love my new Glossi glasses too much. TOO much. 😉

You can check out their eyewear at or visit their facebook page for more details.


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