Glossi Eyewear Part 2: The Daily Outfits

It would have been almost impossible to spot me dressing up nicely on a daily basis.

My daily outfits are more of casual – tee shirt, shorts/leggings, slippers and a bag of my choice, depending on where am I heading to. Being able to move about comfortably in my clothing is my major concern when I’m picking clothes from the wardrobe.

That’s where my new Glossi glasses come into play because they stand out from my ever-oh-so-boring clothes. As I am currently working on a production, 3 or 4 nights are spent on rehearsals.

And… I managed to captured one of my better looking outfits during rehearsals (usually I’m in leggings):


I tried to go for a sweet bubblegum colored theme that day: a baby pink tight cropped top paired with baby blue suspender shorts. I kinda love how I looked that day because my shape of my spectacles also complimented the outfit!

Just the other day, I also met up with my girls to do some catching up and they thought that my glasses looked cute on me!

945662_613547502003242_1233608415_n  246932_10151526424872690_871727214_n


And guessed what?

I was buying a drink at Starbucks yesterday and the barista said, “Hey! Nice specs!” when she handed me the drink. I guess that my new Glossi spectacles are really attention grabbing because I wore a normal tee shirt and shorts. 😀

These people really made my day when they complimented about my Glossi glasses. 😉

You can check out their eyewear at or visit their facebook page for more details.


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