Glossi Eyewear Part 3: Hazy Day

Sunglasses are not just for providing visual clarity and comfort under strong sunlight, they are also a fashion accessory.

If there are a few things that I always look out for when searching for the perfect sunglasses they have to be:

1) Type and color of frame
2) Nose bridge
3) Weight

Personally I love plastic shades because they have a wide variety of colors to choose from, plus they are super light weight. I had previously mentioned that Glossi Eyewear uses Nylon Compound (NCP), an extremely light weight material to provide an almost pressure-free experience for the wearers.

CIMG8260_1 584

I’m in love with Glossi Eyewear as it has silicone pads on the bridges. Most plastic sunglasses have no silicone pads, therefore the shades always slide off my nose when I sweat.

I also love the cheerful colors of temple covers besides the loud yellow frame!

CIMG8266_1 584

Yesterday I wore it to rehearsal together with my mask because it was very hazy and glaring outside. I also wore a simple black top, paired with a multi-colored leggings to match my sunnies!

CIMG8287_1 584

I love the bluish gradient of the lenses because it looks contrasting with the yellow frames. 😀

CIMG8292_1 584

CIMG8301_1 584

You can check out Glossi Eyewear at or visit their facebook page for more details.


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