Glossi Eyewear Part 4: Colour Clash

I can’t believe that it has already been a month since I got my Glossi shades and this post marks the last post of the blogging campagin. 😥

It has been a hazy day outside and the streets are empty. Instead of wearing black, I’ve decided to wear something more colourful to start the day with some colours!

CIMG8367_1 584

CIMG8370_1 584

The haze is pretty bad out there. The PSI reading peaked at 371 from the last time I checked.

One thing that I like about wearing shades is that the sunglasses are able to hide my swollen and tired eyes caused by the haze.

CIMG8371_1 584

I love wearing Glossi because both my spectacles and sunglasses seem to be able to match many outfits! Even a simple tee and shorts look good with the eye-wears.

Thank you OMY and Glossi for the new colourful additions to my wardrobe!

You can check out their eyewear at visit their facebook page for more details.


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