Last Saturday my girl friends and I met up for a picnic lunch at the Marina Barrage!
It was super sunny and humid that day and I’ve gotten a few shades darker. But the weather was perfect for pictures!

CIMG8588 CIMG8590We prepared a lot of food that day!

I cooked Japanese curry and rosti for them. Yien bought sushi and Jenny made sandwich wraps.

CIMG8487Kai Lin made macarons. It was very yummy!CIMG8497Homemade sandwich wraps made with love ❤

CIMG8496 CIMG8491 CIMG8495

This is the first time I went to Marina Barrage for picnic without having to pack up halfway to look for shelters. The weather is perfect, just that I forgot to apply sunscreen. ❤

CIMG8503 CIMG8504 CIMG8507

Ending the day out with a picture of a golden retriever and its owner strolling on the lawn.



2 thoughts on “Pig-nic!

  1. Hi, what camera did you use to take these pictures? Or which application to edit?
    I love how vibrant the colours look! Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Hi! Thanks for the compliment! I’m using Casio Exilim ZR-100 and did some simple editing (contrast, brightness, dodge and burn, vibrance and saturation) with Adobe Photoshop.

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