It’s just hair.

I created a small commotion today because I did something to my hair.

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 12.49.49 AM

Yes, that’s right. I I cut my locks away!

Many people went like, “OMMGGGGGGG!”, or “Nooooooooooooo” when I told them I wanna get a haircut. And all of them were females. LOL.

All I want to say is…

Relax. It is just hair. Like it or not, it will grow out.

But since it’s my virgin short haircut (I mean this short. I tried a concave bob hair before and it suck), I went to a better salon as I didn’t want to regret it.

I love it and right now I’m still very excited about my new hair because:

– My hair is manageable and doesn’t tangle up anymore
– Hair dries up easily after wash
– Showering is so much quicker now
– I don’t have to use that much shampoo and conditioner anymore
– All my dried and dyed hair ends were cut away!

How not to love my hair now?

photo 2

My hair stylist, Chisato, was also laughing at my “broom” head during the process of cutting.

Here’s how I look like after the cut:

photo 4

I also tried to play with my hair to see what kind of hairstyle I could do with my new haircut.

photo 5

Last but not least, here’s a last picture of my long hair to end the post:

photo 1


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