Review: L’Oréal Excellence Fashion Hair Color

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I received a bottle of L’Oréal Excellence Fashion hair dye in Ashy Nude Brown few weeks ago, but waited till after my hair cut to try it out. 😀

Ashy Nude Brown is one of the color from its new Luxurious Golds collection under the L’Oréal Excellence Fashion range. Launched this year, the Luxurious Golds collection is designed to achieve instant glamor without visiting the salon.

DIY dye job can be torturous and end up disastrous when the instructions weren’t followed carefully. I kind of like using L’Oréal Excellence Fashion hair dye because of the clear step-by-step instructions written on the box itself.

You will find the following in the box:

1. Protective Pre-color Serum
2. Protective Crème Colorant
3. Crème Developer and Comb Applicator
4. Protective Conditioner
5. Instruction Manual (in 3 languages) AND a pair of gloves inside.

Each product is labelled with number so that you can easily tell which product to use first.


Here’s a picture of my hair color before the dye job. It was mainly black and remnants from the previous dye job.


Once you mix the colorant and the developer together, switch the applicator with the comb applicator given in the box for easy application. The application requires at least 30 minutes for the color to be well developed.

CIMG8926 CIMG8929

After that, you can rinse off the mixture with water and apply the conditioner!

I love that the conditioner was not in a sachet but in a huge bottle. Since I can’t finish all of it at one go, I would usually use it for the next few days.

Now my hair is in a pretty shade of brown!


I really love the color now and how my hair feels. Self dye jobs can be tricky because we don’t have the tools and technology to achieve salon grade coloring. Plus, it can dry up our hair and it usually smells nasty.

What I like about L’Oréal Excellence Fashion is that the color is rich and intense even without bleaching, thanks to its Hi-Shine Complex and Hi-Intensity Complex formula. Additionally, my hair feels smooth due to the Triple-Care formula which contains Micro-Cera essence, amino acid and collagen.

The dye mixture also doesn’t smell as strong as the other dyes I’ve tried!

Where to get it:
The L’Oréal Excellence Fashion Luxurious Golds collection is now available (from August 2013 onwards) at an affordable price of $18.90 in Watsons, Guardian, major supermarkets and hypermarkets, and selected departmental stores.


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