What’s in my hygiene kit?

I went for my first gym session last Saturday and thought I would share with you the items I brought with me that day!

This kit is built by all the beauty samples that I’ve collected. I find that samples can be very useful when you are going out on a trip and you didn’t want to bring a bag full of heavy beauty products along.


Items in my pouch:
1. 24hr Moisturising Body Lotion by Nuxe
2. Super Washing Foam EX by Dr.Ci:Labo
3. L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion Protective Conditioner
4. Aqua Collagen Gel Super Moisture EX by Dr.Ci:Labo
5. Feminine Wash by Sebamed
6. Paul Frank Lip Balm
7. Macadamia Nut Oil for hair
8. Wide tooth comb
9. Kat Von D Roll on Perfume

This is my favourite pouch and it was given to me by my close friend, Jenny on my birthday last year!

Shampoo, body wash and conditioner were provided by the gym. However, I decided to bring along my conditioner because I am still using it for my coloured hair.

Feminine wash is the most important product on the list. You wouldn’t want to skip this after a sweaty workout.

The Kat Von D roll-on perfume is definitely my favourite product on the list. It is easy to apply on, long lasting even after a ride outside, and it smells so good.

I hope readers could also share what you would put in your hygiene kit in the comment box below! 🙂


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