My Favourite Kind of Cleansing Sponge

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I received a KUU Konjac Sponge from Japalang Pte Ltd approximately four months ago. After months of trying, it is time to review the sponge.


KUU Konjac is a deep cleansing spong made from 100% natural fibre Konjac. Konjac, is a traditional Japanese health food made from a type of potato called “Konnyaku potato” and calcium hydroxide or oxide calcium. 97% of Konjac is water, 3% is Glucomannan and is rich in minerals.

The KUU Konjac Sponge is 100% handmade from konjac vegetable plant root that is extracted from the Konjac potato. It is naturally ph balanced and can be used alone or with a small amount of cleanser.

The one that I received is Natural French Green Clay, specially designed for users with oily or combination skin types. Green Clay is rich in mineral and fine essential oils that help to restore vitality and glow to the skin. It also helps remove impurities and tighten pores at the same time.


The KUU Konjac sponge exfoliates and cleans my skin very gently. I love the green clay smell. Additionally, I only need to use a small amount of cleanser as the design of the sponge helps the cleanser to foam up better.

Sponge Benefits
KUU Konjac sponge also contains no chemical, preservatives, colors or additives, therefore suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin users. It is so gentle that it can also be used on infants’ skins.

All KUU Konjac sponges lasts approximately 3 months. Once the sponge shows signs of breaking down, that means it is time to replace it.

The KUU Konjac sponges are biodegradable, therefore you can add it to the compost heap or plant it under your favorite potted plant.


Where to buy?
The KUU Konjac sponges are available at all BHG stores at S$11.90 each. Alternatively, you can also purchase it at

Also check out their facebook page too for more information!


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