Mini Hayley

I’ve been so busy with my studies that I decided to take a break from blogging. So since it is the holiday season, I’m back now with a post!

I gave mini Hayley a new makeover. I got her 6 years ago but never really sat down properly to customize her. This is how she looks like now:


I’m writing this post because I wanna note down how I customize her, the tutorials I follow and the tools I used. Some of the tutorials I found online worked, but some didn’t. So it’s a bit of trial and error for me.


Mini Hayley is a Mod Molly, released in December 2007 with a SBL face mold. Customising her the normal way (prying open her head) would require sawing of her head and I can’t bear to do that to her. So the list below is what I can do to her without taking her apart.

Here is the list of works I did on her:- Sandmatting
– Lip Carving
– Sleep Eyes
– Makeup
– Changing eyelashes
– New pullstring colour and charms
– Changing eyechips

New pullstring colour and Sleep Eyes
I started with changing her stock pullstring to the colour which I like. The type of string that you should be using should be a nylon string. I got it at a local store which sells beads and strings for jewelry making for S$1.50 (2 metres). Alternatively you can also purchase them online. There are people selling it on Etsy.


To change the pullstring, I followed this youtube video online:

I didn’t use an invisible thread like what the video did. I figured that a normal thread will do and it worked for me.

I also installed her sleep eyes that night too since I have leftover thread. I followed jaszmade’s sleep eyes tutorial and it worked for me too.

I also used a bead stopper and burnt the end of the string so that it won’t unravel in the long run.

Changing Eyelashes
The thing that is most difficult for changing eyelashes is to get rid of her stock lashes. Soaking two cotton pads with hot water didn’t work for me:


So what I did was to submerge some parts of her head into hot water instead. That worked, but it also messed up my doll’s bangs as they melted after contact with heat. I ended up having to restore her hair after removing the lashes.

So be careful if your girl has bangs like mine!

I also used human lashes, a little lash glue on the lash bone and stuck it into the slit with a dressmaker pin. Tutorial here.

SandmattingI used extra fine grit sandpaper (1000 grit) for her face and sanding her face in circular motion. If tiny scratches appears, go over it with a new piece of sandpaper and it will remove it.

I got the sandpaper at a local hardware store for 30 cents. It doesn’t have to be from any particular brand, as long as it is 1000 grit sandpaper. Sanding away the eye makeup and lips requires some patience though.


Lip CarvingI tried carving her lips in 2010 but abandoned it halfway as I found it extremely difficult to do so. Turns out I wasn’t using the correct tools. Many people used an xacto knife but it didn’t work for me.

What worked for me is a small diamond tip file which I also got it at a local hardware store for a dollar. Diamond tip files are awesome as I’m able to control the way I carve. It also removed the deep slits and coloring resulted from the poor lip carving job I did in 2010.


Here’s how she looked like after sanding and carving!


EyechipsRemoving eyechips was the easiest thing to do! All you need is gluesticks and a lighter! Again, I followed jaszmade tutorial and it worked for me!



Inserting eyechips is a bitch though because it kept falling off. So I ended up using white glue and stop customising for the night to let the glue dry.

Some people used watercolour pencils or pastel chalks for her makeup. I didn’t have any pastel chalks at home so I used the watercolour pencils but IT DIDN’T WORK.

What turned out to work for me was cosmetics for human use. Use a cotton pad and swirl it on her face lightly with matte blusher. If you make mistakes, sand it away and redo it.

Here is how she looks like with her eyechips and makeup!


I painted her lips with acrylic colour and a very fine tip brush. Then I sealed it with a good quality nail varnish top coat.


Pullstring Charms
Got the rings, kitty and angel charms from the same jewelry parts store! The glass beads were bought online from Qo10.


Final Look:

IMG_7760[1] IMG_7761[1]


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