Review: Brother GS2700

First post of the year! I wanted to do a review on the Brother GS2700 sewing machine that I got for my birthday last year. This is a really great machine with many of the awesome features for beginner sewers like me!

When choosing a sewing machine, it is recommended to do some research first on the kind of features you would like to have in a machine. A good sewing machine is a long term investment.


I picked the Brother sewing machine as my friends recommended Brother over Singer when it comes to electric sewing machine. I believe Singer is good for traditional sewing machine as my mum has one too.

Here’s a list of the features in Brother GS2700:

  • 27 Stiches
  • 1-Step Automatic Buttonhole
  • Stitch Width, Length and Tension Selection
  • Quick-set Bobbin
  • Built in Needle Threader
  • Free Arm
  • LED Lighting

1-Step Automatic Buttonhole
Some machines are equipped with a 4-step or 1-step buttonhole feature. The difference between the two is that the 4-step buttonhole requires the sewer to adjust when sewing the buttonhole, whereas you can leave everything to the machine for the latter feature.

Stitch Width, Length and Tension Selection
Some machines doesn’t have this feature. The ability to adjust stitch width, length and tension makes sewing projects easier.

Quick-set bobbin and Built in Needle Threader
Makes setting up your machine easier every time you change a new thread colour as you don’t have to squint your eyes to put the thread into the needle.

Free Arm
This is a really awesome feature to have if you intend to sew cuffs or sleeves. I used this feature when I sewed a doll carrier few days ago!

LED Lighting
Sometimes I do my sewing in the night and the room lighting isn’t strong enough. The LED lighting helps me to see better when I’m sewing!

Overall a great machine for starters! The price is also very affordable (less than $200) because it was on sale when I purchased it.


6 thoughts on “Review: Brother GS2700

  1. thanks for the review. i’m searching for sewing machine and i’m also a beginner. I’ve doubted gs2700 at first, but after research and read this, now i think i’m gonna get gs2700..

  2. Last July I bought one to replace my Singer 6416 that went haywire, beyond repair.
    I agree that Brother GS 2700 is a wonderful machine.
    You can read my experience with it in http://WP 165 Nyobain Mesin Jait Baru.
    Since it was written in the Indonesian language, perhaps you can ask Google to translate it, eventhough the translation won’t be that accurate.

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