Products for Clearer Complexion

For Better Skin


It is a non-drying cleanser that is moisturising, and doesn’t leave your skin squeaky clean. Gotta love the awesome citrus smell too!


Similar to the Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Foam, this cleanser is great for all types of skin. It is moisturising and lathers well too. The only downside of it is the price, which is almost twice as expensive as Innisfree’s cleansing foam.


Forget about hand sanitisers from The Body Shop or Bath and Body Works. This hand sanitiser is great because it is smell great and is moisturising without any stickiness! Not to mention it costs only $2 only!

Since keeping the skin clean is important before you apply any products on your face, don’t forget that you will also need to keep your hands bacterial free too!


For Removing Makeup

The best makeup removers to use whether is it at home or on the go!

The SHU UEMURA POREFINIST ANTI-SHINE FRESH CLEANSING OIL effectively removes any kinds of makeup, including waterproof mascara.

If you want products that are easier to clean up after use, try the LEGERE PERFECT CLEANSING OIL STICK. It shapes itself like a lip balm and also removes makeup with a breeze.

Added Security
Pair it with the BIORE CLEANSING OIL COTTON FACIAL SHEETS or BIODERMA SENSIBIO H2O to sleep with completely makeup free skin when you travel overseas.


For Cleaning Tools

Sure as hell you do not want to use dirty makeup tools on your face right? Well, if that’s the case then you got to clean and sanitise your makeup tools regularly.

Daily Cleansing
The SEPHORA DAILY MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANER is great for daily cleansing and travel use. Just a few sprays of it on the individual tools and swirl around a piece of wet tissue to get the products out from your brushes! It also contains anti bacterial properties so you can be sure your tools are sanitised as well!

Weekly Cleansing
DAISO DETERGENT FOR PUFF AND SPONGE is the best cleanser for making tools and sponges I’ve ever used! It cleans so effectively with just one wash, and my beauty blender is as great as new! The best part of it? It only costs $2!


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