About That Hazel Eyes


Hello! My name is Valerie.

There’s one thing about me that always leaves an indelible impression on all the people I’ve met – my eyes. I’m blessed with a pair of hazel colored eyes since birth, which is considered rare for an Asian. This blog is therefore named after my hazel coloured eyes.

I enjoy experimenting with colours and makeup techniques (certainly love drawing on people’s faces too). I’m a professional makeup artist, graduated from Cosmoprof Academy in 2015. You can check out my works over here.


I’m also landscape architecture and theatrically trained; thus, I am very particular about visual aesthetics.

In a nutshell, I’m a beauty-obsessed-aspiring-thespian.


That Hazel Eyes is created with the aim of sharing my passion and interests with other people. Through the years, it has garnered the likes of people with similar interests and gained a small amount of readers. The writing style is ever changing as I’m constantly upgrading myself through writing courses, so as to inform readers of a new product in the market professionally and in all honesty without losing the personal touch to my blog.

Awards & Achievements

OMY Singapore Blog Awards 2011 – Top 10 Finalists in “Best Adonis Beauty Blog” category
OMY Singapore Blog Awards 2013 – Top 10 Finalists in “Best Modelling Blog” category


General Note to PR Companies & Advertisers

Please drop me an e-mail at c.shujuanvalerie@gmail.com if you are keen in sending me a product/service for review.

  1. I do not entertain regurgitation requests of press releases in my blog.
  2. I rephrase fluffs in my own words for laypeople to understand and hence, I wish that you understand that the creation of a piece of quality article takes time.
  3. As much as I try to put in good words for your company and products for branding purposes, my honest opinions about the products will also be included.
  4. Your product sponsorship will not guarantee a blog review. I reserve the rights to refrain from posting any reviews of your products/services.
  5. A disclaimer will be placed at the beginning of every sponsored review/advertorials to inform the readers.

11 thoughts on “About That Hazel Eyes

  1. I found ur blog when I was searching for ways to keep acne at bay and I just want to say I really enjoy reading ur blog. Keep it up!

  2. Hi,

    I came across your beauty blog thathazeleyes.wordpress.com and really love your posts – honest, personal, and SUPER useful makeup tips that I know many women love too!

    I lead all PR efforts for The Salon Outlet, a new online retailer for salon and makeup tools and equipment. The Salon Outlet offers products to help you, the beauty specialist, makeup artist, hair stylist, salon or spa owner, with those professional touches at a very affordable price tag – so you can spend your hard earned money on the products that matter most. We give you the practical, you do the pretty.

    For our big launch, we are partnering with the hottest beauty and makeup bloggers, so I’m reaching out to you to see if we could work together. Here are different ideas we have:

    1) Sponsored Blog Post. We’d like to sponsor a blog post for you, in exchange for $20. I’ll send you an article with photos – which of course you can personalize as you like.

    2) Product Review. We’d like to send you a product, and in exchange, ask you to write up a review, with a link back to TheSalonOutlet.com. Can also be done in video form if you prefer.

    3) Product Giveaway. You can host a contest for your blog readers and we’ll send your winner a product. Our makeup brush sets would be great for this.

    Check out the flyer for more details here: http://snapshackk.com/theSalonOutletGiveaway.jpg

    4) Video Tutorial using our Products. If you are planning to do makeup tutorials in the near future, use our makeup tools and mention The Salon Outlet in the tutorial.

    We’ve got limited spots as we have several bloggers interested already, but after I saw your tres chic blog I wanted to see if you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity. Check us out at http://www.thesalonoutlet.com. We’re making final decisions by 4/27, if you can, please do respond before then. Looking forward to hearing from you!


    Dana Ariel

    Director, Public Relations | The Salon Outlet

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