Easy Homemade Hot Chocolate

Lately I’m very into making my own drinks and thought I should share this hot chocolate drink recipe online, since a lot of the recipes that I found online are complicated enough!

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 11.26.47 pm


1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
3/4 cup cold milk
Chocolate Syrup
Whipped Cream


1. Heat up the cold milk and cocoa powder until the powder dissolves into the milk.

2. Pour a small amount of chocolate syrup, according to your taste, into your glass.

3. Pour the hot chocolate into the glass.

4. Add whipped cream on top of it.

And Viola! Enjoy your cup of yummy hot chocolate!




Have been doing some random cooking at home lately. I’m starting to like cooking when I have the time to spare. It makes time go faster.


Made salad with angelhair pasta, diced tomatoes, blueberries, cherries, luncheon meat (random, I know) and purple cabbage for lunch and dinner. Lunch was just a salad bowl and I added poached egg for dinner.


Made egg benedict the other day! Replaced bacon with tomatoes and muffin with portobello mushroom. Carb-free brunch ftw!


Fell sick recently and decided to make a simple congee with barley and rice. Cooked for about 1 hour and 45 minutes and added beaten egg inside to make the congee smoother.

Byyyyyy the way, I downloaded an app called “InstaText”. It has really beautiful filters and is able to add text in the pictures! ❤

The Naked Fish Shoppe

(Image Source)

The Naked Fish Shoppe is a western seafood restaurant located at the GrassRoots’ Club in Ang Mo Kio, a 5 minute walk away from the Yio Chu Kang MRT station. With 8 years of experience, the Naked Fish Shoppe serves mainly fish, prepared using various cooking techniques – deep/pan fried, grilled, baked or poached, in a cosy indoor setting.


If you are not a fish lover, the Naked Fish Shoppe also provides other seafood dishes such as seafood fried rice, steak, boneless chicken chop and seafood platter.

As this was a food tasting invitation by the OpenRice, a lunch menu consists of appetiser, soup, main course and dessert of our choices were served.

Crispy Calamari


The calamari does not taste greasy but moist even after deep frying. However, I find that the breadcrumbs (was it?) that forms the outer shell makes the dish tastes like frozen fish nuggets you get from the supermarket.

A plate of crispy calamari (4 pcs) costs around $7.50, which in my opinion, is not really value for money.

Lobster Bisque


Interestingly, the lobster bisque was served in a bread bowl which could also be eaten with the soup together. The soup, however, was not flavourful enough. It would be great if there were bits of lobster meat in the soup for additional texture to it.

Deep Sea Premium Grade Barramundi Fish Fillet


I found out from the owner of the restaurant that the barramundi was imported and can be found in the deep sea, instead of the regular mud barramundi we see in wet markets.

I find that the Barramundi fillet tastes very fresh and tender. The lemon butter sauce tastes good on its own but is a tad disappointing as it doesn’t add flavour to the fish. However, I like the portion of the fillet served because it is very solid and filling.

If there’s anything I would like to change about this dish, it would be the sides. The hashbrown and mixed vegetables doesn’t look appetising enough. A simple, well tossed garden salad would add value to this dish.

Honeydew Pudding w/ Coconut Cream
Price Unknown


The honeydew pudding was a surprise. This small bowl of pudding ended the lunch on a sweet note. The pudding tastes very refreshing with the first few bites, but becomes a little sweet (I’m not a person with sweet tooth) towards the end.

The coconut milk added on top of the pudding is a good choice because it is creamy and balances the taste on the whole.

Other Services
The Naked Fish Shoppe also provides catering services for personal or corporate events.

On the whole I give this a 3/5. You may want to try out this place if you want a taste of fresh, solid fish fillets served at an affordable price.

Naked Fish Shoppe
The GrassRoots’ Club
190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8

Disclaimer: This is an invite only event.

Portobello Mushroom with ham and mozerella cheese

Was craving for some mushroom today and so I made this! I really love fuss free cooking!


Followed some recipes online but decided that I shall not add garlic, onions or anything else. It is really simple to make these and there’s no oil involved. Here’s my version:


Mozerella Cheese
Honey Glazed Ham
Portobello Mushrooms

1. Remove the stalks of the mushrooms and wash the mushrooms clean.

2. Cut the ham into small squares and sprinkle on the the mushroom. General ratio: One piece of ham to one mushroom.

3. Cut blocks of mozerella cheese and place onto of the ham.


4. Warm the pot/pan and place the mushroom inside.

5. Cover the pot or pan and cook in low heat, until the cheese melts.


That’s how easy it is to make this!

You can also use cubed tomatoes instead of ham. I couldn’t find any tomatoes in my fridge that’s why I didn’t use it!

CIMG8166 CIMG8170

Blueberry and Cereal Yoghurt Parfait


Made this in 5 minutes this afternoon.

The word “parfait” is a french word, which means “perfect”. It is used typically to describe a cold dessert with layers of fruit, syrup, ice cream and whipped cream.

However, you can make this healthier without adding syrup, and replace ice cream and whipped cream with yoghurt.

Yoghurt parfait has great source of nutrients in it because it contains fruit and grains. Yoghurt itself already contains probiotics, calcium and protein. Therefore yoghurt parfait can be an awesome breakfast to start a day or a healthy snack treat.

I followed a general recipe online which the ingredients can be found in all supermarkets. And here’s my version:

1 cup of Meiji Mango Flavoured Yoghurt
I used mango flavoured yoghurt because I couldn’t stomach plain yoghurt

1/2 cup of Blueberries
You can use any kinds of fruit.

1/2 cup of Banana Nut Crunch Cereal
Contains banana, walnut and corn flakes

In a cup, layer it with yoghurt, blueberries, cereal and repeat layer till it reaches the top.

Healthy fast food alternative – VeganBurg


Few weeks ago I met up with my friends as one of my friend came home from Taiwan for a short CNY visit. We were deciding between VeganBurg and some other vegetarian restaurants and then I suddenly remembered that Ling introduced VeganBurg to me before.

I’m not really a fan of vegetarian food because I MUUUUUUST have my daily intake of chicken and other meat. But it is good to have a change because I’ve been taking in loads of meat during CNY.

So VeganBurg it was.

I ordered Smoky BBQ from their menu, it is a burger with mushroom patty dressed in BBQ sauce. It was so yummy! And the fries! They taste so good!

We also ordered some sides and I must say I really like the vegan franks. It tastes so alike to chicken franks even though they are made from tofu. The salad is good as well if you dislike mock meat.

I will go back again with my friends because I found out that I have a bus service that takes me straight from Bukit Panjang to their doorstep in 30 minutes. 😀


Last month, I was invited to a food tasting event to Saveur!

CIMG7813Saveur is located at Purvis Street, a stone throw away from the National Library building. In fact, Purvis Street situated right behind the building!

I first got to know Saveur through a show that Bryan Wong hosted and brought my girls over for a birthday lunch. Even though it wasn’t my first time dinning at Saveur, I was thrilled about the event because I got to try out almost all the dishes available on the menu!

This place is a restaurant that sells quality, yet affordable french cuisine! Hence, I believe I should properly introduce this great venue!

CIMG7814Saveur is still so packed even on weekdays!


We had our bread and butter served with unsalted butter before the start of our meals. There’s a choice of either soft or hard rolls to choose from the menu.

Bread and Butter – $2
Saveur’s Pasta – $4.90

I didn’t order this but took a bite to see how it taste like. It is a pasta that is tossed with chilli oil with Japanese Kombu (seaweed) and Sakura ebi (dried shrimps). I would suggest this to be shared among your friends, as the portion served is huge enough to become a main dish.


Foie Gras – $9.90
Pan-seared duck liver served with apple-infused port wine and vanilla bean

There are two versions of this dish but I ordered the one with port wine. This dish is a little on the sour side because of the apple-infused port wine, but it is an excellent pairing with the crunchy apple slices added.


Duck Salad – $5.90

Loved this dish! The duck confit, orange segments, quail egg and cherry tomatoes mix really well together. Personally I hate the taste of raw vegetables, but this is just right because of their homemade lemon vinaigrette.


Duck Leg Confit – $10.90

The first time I went to Saveur, I tried one of their popular mains – Duck Leg Confit. Tender meat paired with orange slices and sauteed Shitake mushroom instantly made this dish my favourite. But the second time I visited Saveur, this duck leg confit is a little salty.


Pork Belly – $10.90

If you are a friend of pork belly and soft boil eggs, you’ve got to order this to try. I ordered this during my second visit to Saveur. The pork belly skin is crispy and the meat is tender and juicy. I don’t like soft boil eggs but it pairs well with the green lentils.


Pistachio Panna Cotta – $6.90

I would recommend this to people who dislike sweet desserts!


Texture of Citrus – $6.90

This dish kept us guessing with the different kinds of citrus used! Blood orange jelly (red ones in this picture) served with orange granité, freeze-dried pineapple, feuilletine, citrus segments, and lime zests.


Chocolate & Hazelnut – $7.90

Every chocolate lover should love this as it is chocolate mousse with crushed hazelnuts, broken raspberries, roasted rice puffs, chocolate tuile & praline. However I find it a little sweet and I feel “jerlat” (sick) after eating a few spoonful of it.


5 Purvis Street,
Talib Court #01-04,
Singapore 188584