Love in Space 全球热恋

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Can you imagine yourself falling in love with someone a total opposite of you?

Or do you rather fall in love with a like minded soul?


Love In Space is a romance comedy about 3 daughters each falling in love with a guy totally opposite of them.

The eldest daughter, Rose is an astronaut (played by Rene Liu) , was once together with her colleague (played by Aaron Kwok) but breaks up because of their character.


The middle child, Lily (played by Grace Huang) is a clean freak, but falls in love with a like minded soul who is collects trash for a living (played by Eason Chan).


And lastly, the youngest is a starlet (played by Angelababy) who falls in love with a waiter. Their love was sweet but as a celebrity, falling in love with a lowly paid waiter is a forbidden love as it invites gossip.


In this movie, you’ll see how people stayed on and fight for love, no matter how different they are.

At first look I wasn’t really interested in this movie but I gave it a try when offered me a pair of tickets to this movie. However I’m glad I tried.

It is surprisingly entertaining. There were some funny moments here and there. And of course if a romance film could make me tear, it has got to have some certain standard to it.

My fave part is the second sister and the youngest’s stories. The second sister is willing to overcome her OCD problem in order to be with the man she loves. Angelababy’s acting skills and her ever changing looks in that show also took me by surprise!


All in all, if you are looking for an interesting romance film to watch with your partner, this might perhaps be the one you’re looking for!


Review: Fast Five

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I was invited to attend the movie preview of Fast Five, also known as Fast and Furious 5 at Iluma Bugis two days ago!

Yes, the movie that has exciting car racing scenes, muscular men and hot babes with legs that go on forever.

To side track a little, here’s my FOTD for the event:

I finally convinced myself to wear pink eyeshadow and lipstick out that day! The last time I wore barbie makeup out was Secondary 2. Hahaha~
(I posted a FOTD tutorial for this look here, so go have a look if you’re interested.)

If you watched the Fast and Furious series, you might notice the recurring casts in Fast Five.

What seemingly look like a Fast and Furious reunion is not only a movie that reunites the casts and groups them into a formidable team, the movie is also exciting enough to get you glued to the seat till the last bit of the movie.

Though Fast Five is the fifth installment of the series, the timeline takes place between Fast and Furious (2009) and Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.
Mia is pregnant and the guys want to gain back their freedom by stealing the entire wealth of the most powerful and corrupted businessman in Rio.

Not to mention the team got to the top of the wanted list and hunted by DSS agent Luke Hobbs (acted by Dwayne Johnson). There are some serious fighting scenes between the two muscular men (and bald too)!

It was certainly a good movie if you are someone who loves speed and action packed movies!

What you would be expecting from the movie will be a minimal aid of CGI and the awesome timing of event sequences. It’s not even a little boring and I love it because there is a little humor added to relieve tensions in some point of the movie. Towards the end of the movie there was a twist which I considered to be somewhat clever.

Now if you are going to watch it, be sure to stay till the end of the rolling credits. There is a scene with Dwayne Johnson that perhaps prompts that they will continue the series.

It is now showing in theatres so be sure to catch Fast and Furious 5!


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I was invited to a movie screening of local film called Forever 《我爱你爱你爱你》 by!

The movie starred award wining theater actress cum local Jazz singer Joanna Dong and Taiwanese actor Mo Tzu Yi.

It’s not your typical romance movie about a guy falls in love with a girl.

It’s the reverse.

Joey (acted by Joanna Dong) is a girl so crazily obsessed with love and marriage with a special someone. You will be seeing that Joey, who seems like a sweet girl actually turns out to be a creepy stalker of Gin (acted by Mo Tzu Yi) when she realizes her affection for him. Joey goes all out to pursue Gin in hope that he sees that she is the the one for him.

This movie reflects on people who are often seeking for true love, perfect guy and the ideal wedding. Us girls especially, being true hopeless romantics, we always have our so called “Happily Ever After” fantasies etched in our minds. So we’ll just keep searching, and searching until we find the right one.

If it sounds like you, go and watch it and watch the distorted love idealization Joey has!

Also, check out Joanna Dong’s singing. She’s a fantastic Jazz vocalist!


Mars Needs Moms

Yesterday I caught a movie preview screening called Mars needs Mom with Kai, thanks to Kai’s friend for giving away the movie tickets he won because he can’t make it.

It is a new animated sci-fi film about the kinship and how much we need our Moms, despite them being irritating sometimes.

And the Martians are going to take the kid’s mom away for their own good because they need a successful mother to teach the Martian’s “kids”.

I guess the movie relates to everyone of us. It’s the kind of movie that is funny at one moment and touching on another.

Go watch it when it’s out in theatres!

p/s: I’m going to catch another free movie tonight!

Finally, a movie date in 1000 years.

It sucks to switch on my comp and stare at the screen.
Because my mind always forms a series of questions bugging me.

“Have you filled in the scholarship forms yet?”
“Are you sure you are not going to visit an agent?”
“Have you completed everything you need to submit?”
“Why you don’t have a job first?”

To the last question, the thing is I would love to. But then again I have no idea what sort of job I’d go into. Don’t wanna be in the retail service, or a clerk (that’s worse. Sitting in the office doing stupid data entry that would waste my time for one whole day).

And then comes the scholarship part.

I have absolutely no confidence in hitting the submit button. I’ll always sign in, edit something and then sign out again.

What if I submitted insufficient information that would not grant me an interview?
People always tells me that I can’t go wrong with standard procedures and forms.



Back to the movie date.
Well, I had a movie date with Kai yesterday, thanks to Kai’s sister for winning a pair of tickets to The Adjustment Bureau.
It’s been such a long long while since we went out for movies since I was very busy.

Besides watching the movie because of the actress Emily Blunt (and perhaps Matt Damon. Before this movie, all I remember was that he is the Bourne Identity guy.), I say that I love the story plot. It’s an interesting concept of how our lives are being “watched” and goes according to “their” plans.

And, not to mention about the exciting part where Matt Damon decides to pursue the girl he loves and asked her to go with him.  And the cool doors (I might have seen these doors in Alice in Wonderland, but then again it’s still very cool). And the hats.


To top it off, we had our “free” dinner at Astons thanks to the Frasers Centrepoint Malls vouchers. 🙂