Last Saturday my girl friends and I met up for a picnic lunch at the Marina Barrage!
It was super sunny and humid that day and I’ve gotten a few shades darker. But the weather was perfect for pictures!

CIMG8588 CIMG8590We prepared a lot of food that day!

I cooked Japanese curry and rosti for them. Yien bought sushi and Jenny made sandwich wraps.

CIMG8487Kai Lin made macarons. It was very yummy!CIMG8497Homemade sandwich wraps made with love ❤

CIMG8496 CIMG8491 CIMG8495

This is the first time I went to Marina Barrage for picnic without having to pack up halfway to look for shelters. The weather is perfect, just that I forgot to apply sunscreen. ❤

CIMG8503 CIMG8504 CIMG8507

Ending the day out with a picture of a golden retriever and its owner strolling on the lawn.


Some CNY pictures to share

This year’s Chinese New Year was really boring. Didn’t managed to see some of my relatives because they were either overseas or doing their round of visitations somewhere.

Anywayyyyy… I fell sick on the first day of CNY itself. Sore throat. But I recovered on the third day and started binging on the food again. And now the sore throat has came back. I guess I’m getting old and the body just can’t take much junk food as before. Nooooooooo~

I (self) dyed my hair for a new look with L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion, with the help of my sister. It came out in a gorgeous shade of red. BUT the color on my hair has since faded. 😦


Picture taken with my cousin Joanne.


Bought my dress from Forever 21!

529731_10151262187124071_355443996_n 534881_10151450482110211_96834342_n

Anndddd, here’s a picture with my sister. Damn. I hate taking pictures with her because her face is so sharp.

534938_10151249753211417_2103398094_n 549349_10151261991049071_1383592675_n

Day THREE! Lastly, here’s a picture of me in my Dad’s car.


Anyway… The reason for the lack of pictures from my awesome camera is because…

My camera charger is not working. So I’m saving the battery for an upcoming event the week after next!

So dead.

Happy V Day to all!

Twenty One.

The past year had been a ride for me, and in a flash I’m already 21 now.

Birthday celebration on that very day itself has been a simple and meaningful celebration. Thank you all, I love you. ❤

And on Saturday, I met up with my girls to celebrate the birthday of Yi En’s and mine!

We had our brunch + dinner at Loola’s by Awfully Chocolate, a visit for the Garden’s by the Bay and finally ended up in KBox for a late night K Session!

Happy Birthday Yi En! Cheers for more great years ahead!

5D4N Hong Kong Trip

Day One – Arrival and The Peak

Beef Ball Noodles @ Yau Ma Tei

Wanton Mee @ Mak’s Noodles, Central

Day Two – Macau

Street Snack – Pork Chop Bun

Day Three – Lantau Island

Street Snack – Curry Fishball

Street Snack – Tau Huay with Ginger Juice

Day Four – Ocean Park

Day Five – Dim Sum @ Tim Ho Wan

Char Siew Bun

Har Gau, Chicken Feet, Porridge

Turnip Cake

Osmanthus Jelly Cake


My first ever picnic with my girls!

It was an impromptu event therefore all of us bought food instead of cooking them. I rushed down from an event and so I was in charge of snacks and drinks. Haha.

天不作美!The sky was gloomy that day and it was drizzling for a few minutes. We finally gave in and retreated to the sheltered space to have our picnic instead. Zzzz

But after our food we went back up again!

Our one and only best Polaroid shot that day!

I think my Zr-100 is damn awesome for night shots. It is taken with flash but all of us doesn’t look overexposed.

Me thinks I should bring my camera to Hong Kong in September.

And my attempt at taking a picture of the night view:

We were very lucky to see fireworks that day! But unfortunately I need to brush up on my firework taking skills cos everything came out in a blur or this: