Turn offs for guys

So…. I attended a seminar on “Image for Oral Presentation” for one of my assignments last week and the speaker divided us by gender for one activity, that is to list out 10 image destroyers for both men and women.

The guys only managed to list out eight of them. But oh well, since I have the list I might as well post them so that girls of my age can know what the guys are thinking.

The list compiled is not in order of importance.

1) Untidy Hair
Fringe or hair that covers the face is a no-no. The guys prefers girls to look clean and fresh.

2) Revealing Clothes
Thumbs down for low cuts and translucent chiffon tops.

3) Bright Coloured Hair
They said that if you are Asian, then look like one. Blonde hair for Asians are big no-nos.

4) Huge Earrings
Self explanatory.

5) Too many Piercings
Self explanatory as well.

6) Too Shy
Shy girls need to speak up more so that they can strike up and continue a conversation. Key word is to CONTINUE a conversation.

7) Bad Postures
Walk with confidence, don’t slouch!

8) Lots of Make Up
Guys really like clean faces and minimal make up. So skip the foundation routine and opt for a light coverage such as BB cream. Also ditch your thick black eyeliner that make you look like a panda. Use a brown eyeliner instead to tightline your eyes for a natural and well defined eyes.


Lemon Mini Face Peel


Ever wished you have fairer and smoother skin? Or smaller pores?

I tried a mini face peel using lemons 2 nights ago and it was so good so I knew I had to share this with everyone!

Lemons contains Vitamin A and C, which is essential for maintaining healthy skin. Vitamin C whitens our skin and Vitamin A is good for improving acne and aging skin.

Most importantly, Lemon juice contains Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). AHA are good for exfoliating skin. It removes the surface layer of our skin to reveal newer skin cells.

Chemical Peel uses a high concentration of AHA with better results in just one peel. But mini face peels using lemons can also achieve the same results in longer period of time!

Apply squeezed lemon juice over the face amd let it dry. After that, apply a second layer of lemon juice and let it sit on the skin for 15 mins. Wash off when time is up.

As lemon juice is a citric acid, it stings face especially areas which has fresh wound or pimples. Do not go out into the sun with the lemon juice on the face!

I would not recommend any use of medicated toner or pimple creams straight after peel as it might burn the “newly formed” skin. My recommended toner is Avene Thermal Spring water as it reduces irritation, balancing the PH level if our skin. After that, slather on your moisturizer and off you go to sleep!

The next day when you wake up, you will realise that your skin has became lighter, smoother and tighter! I also noticed that my pores have became smaller!

Scabs may form if you have sensitive skin or acne problem, but no worries, they are just part of the skin renewal process. Just remember not to pick on the scabs and moisturize your skin to let them fall off on their own!

I recommend doing this mini face peel once a month!

Know the Secrets to Keeping Your Hair Healthy and Trendy

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When talking about hair trends, I might not be the person to speak to. But I certainly know a trick or two when it comes to keeping hair healthy and stylish!

Long hair makes hair looks unkempt and can make long, angular face look even longer whereas short hair makes a person’s neck look longer (if you got long neck you should avoid cutting your hair short).

So what kind of length makes any person look good?

The answer is shoulder-length hair!

This season is all about shoulder length hair. But it’s so difficult to tame it right? All the split ends, fried, frizzy hair. Trust me, I’ve been through it and I know it!

Here are some of the few tips to keep hair healthy without burning a hole in your pocket:

1)      Shampoo hair only on scalp and condition your hair ends

The shampoo from your scalp will drip onto the hair ends when you wash it so it’s ok to shampoo just the roots of your hair. Hair ends will only get drier if you shampoo the ends!

 2)      Avoid tying of hair every single day

It’s true that hair grows longer when you tie up your hair, but that’s because you PULL them. Our hair are always being put in such “stressful” conditions will get thinner than before!

3)      Sleep at 10pm!

Our hair grows from 10pm to 12pm (whereas skin cells regenerates after our hair) so it’s important to sleep during that time! This is something that I actually know but didn’t get down to doing it because I don’t have the time.  L

4)      Get regular haircuts

Haircuts are important for healthy hair. You don’t have to get a total new hairstyle to achieve healthy ends, just make sure hair trimming is done to prevent split hair ends!

5)      Hair treatments!

Just like our face needs facial treatments, our hair needs them too! Use hair mask weekly to protect hair damage from free radicals. After shampooing, apply hair mask on hair and cover your hair with a shower cap for maximum effectiveness.

Additionally, you can also visit Yun Nam Hair Care for customized hair treatments!

Yun Nam Hair Care just launched an educational website, iwantgorgeoushair.com to teach people how to achieve healthy hair while still able to keep up with the latest hair trends!

Upon entering the site, you will see different hairstyles, men and women, for you to choose from! Continue reading

UTI Prevention

Urinary Tract Infection is an infection that is very easy to treat but dangerous if left untreated. This infection can occur to everyone regardless of any age group, especially females.

Once contracted, it can recurr anytime, regardless how clean your hygiene is. Hence it is important that you look out for the symptons and know how to prevent it.

Personally I contracted UTI when I was young and therefore I am very careful to minimise the recurring chances. Read on to know what I do!
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Does your new shoes bite?

I kept buying heels but never wear them out often because I’m very prone to blisters. I can have blisters on all of my toes at one go therefore I always wear slippers or sandals when I’m out.

I’m sure many people reading this post are facing this same problem. How can girls wear their killer heels and strut in the shopping malls without feeling any pain?

This anti blister stick is my favorite product! I’m saying goodbye to blisters ever since I used this!

It’s like a lip balm and the only difference is that it protects our feet instead of our lips. When applied on my feet it gives a waxy feeling but it is very very resistant to sliding.

Blisters are formed when two surfaces (our skin and the shoes) kept rubbing against each other. Therefore by creating resistance is the only way to prevent blisters from forming!

Before using this I used plasters to wrap all my toes! It does the same trick but it’s so troublesome. 😦

I bought it in Guardian few months ago and now it’s my HG product!

The eyes are windows to our soul.

Two days ago there was a piece of news saying that of all the eye infections cases from wearing contact lenses, more than half of them are ladies.

I have never ever gotten an eye infection from wearing contacts because even though I’m vain, I don’t take risks just to make myself pretty.

Let me tell you what I do…

1. Say no to GEO Lens or whatever lens sold online
I never ever buy any lens  from online shops even if they are so called FDA approved because we will never know if they are counterfeit products or not. Another reason why I don’t buy GEO lenses because they are not sold in optical shops. There should be a reason why optical shops aren’t selling these types of lenses.

My circle lenses are from this brand called Maxi Eyes, and they are sold in Spectacle Hut.

2. Do not use monthly lenses stored for more than a month
Some of my friends tends to “prolong” the life span of their lenses because contact lenses are expensive. However it’s not recommended to do so. My optician told me that prolong wearing makes lenses thinner and are easier to crack! Scratching your cornea is not a good thing to joke about.

3. Do not sleep with your lenses still in your eyes
Even though how tired we are, we still have to take out our contact lenses when we sleep. It causes your eyes to be really dry (probably lack of oxygen) and you might not be able to take them out!

4. Switch to a healthier alternative if you have to wear them everyday
Proteins and oils get deposited in our lenses and the only way to minimise infections is to change your lenses everyday to a fresh new pair. Ditch monthly lenses for dailies!

Lastly, just make sure that you do not wear contact lenses if you are having an eye infection! I know girls are all vain but if you want your eyes to heal quicker then listen to your doctor. 🙂

Tips for acne sufferers

So you’ve tried all sorts of topical and oral treatments but the tiny little bumps keep coming back. Have you had any idea why your skin can’t stop breaking out?

During the test shoot with Ejun the other day, he mentioned that my forehead is very smooth and that there weren’t many girls with smooth foreheads. So now I’m going to tell you my secrets!

1. Keep hair away from face
This is the reason why you keep seeing pictures of my fringe clipped up. I hate bangs because bangs gives you tiny pimples. Dirt and dust can be trapped in our hair and they will indirectly cause zits.

Which brings me to my second point.

2. No hair products
I really dislike hair products because they stay on my hair despite washing it for 3 times. When wind blows, wax or whatever junk placed on my hair will touch my face. I totally stopped putting hair products on my hair after I started my acne regime.

Please also say no to hand creams. I’m not saying avoid it totally, but don’t use it at night. You don’t know where your hand is going to be when you sleep.

3. Minimal touching of face
Some people likes to touch their faces when they are stress, such as rubbing our nose or PICK at our zits. I love to do that when I have bangs in secondary school. But by touching our face, we are increasing the amount of irritation on our faces and can aggravate acne.

After I start my acne regime, I never ever touch my face at all except occasional rubbing of nose. Whenever I wash my face, I splash water on my face instead of rubbing. Trust the shower head more than your fingers.

4. Wash your hands before applying products on your face
Especially important because you don’t want to apply dust on your face. Sure, we can’t totally prevent bacterial from reaching our face but the least you could do is to minimize it.

5. Avoid talking on phones often
Whenever I have products on my face, I switch on the loud speaker at home. I talk with just the ear touching my phone.

6. Use new products one at a time
If you are getting sudden outbreak and you have no idea what caused it, maybe you might want to stop the new products you’re using. That’s why always try new products one at a time. If it breaks you out, you will know what’s wrong and stop using immediately.

7. Avoid cleansers, toners and moisturizer with irritants or comedogenic ingredients
Refer to this and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I read the list so often that I can go shopping with the list of chemicals in my head. If you’re unsure, just make sure there’s no alcohol and SLS in the list.

Look out for Glycerin and Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E). These are ingredients that can moisture our face without irritation.

8. Avoid picking of zits
Let the pimple burst on its own. Incorrect way to pick a zit can aggravate acne and cause bacterial to spread to other parts of our face.

9. Avoid scrubs
Acne sufferers should not use exfoliation because scrubbing aggravate acne. Let your facialist do the job instead.

10. Drink water
Drink at least 2 litres of water everyday to flush out toxins.


I keep mentioning about my acne regime but haven’t told you guys exactly what did I do.

It’s only been 1.5 months since I started my regime and my acne has subsided. All that’s left is pigmentation left by the cystic acne! Hence… I will only post the regime after I treat my pigmentation. There will be photos of my condition because I’ve been diligently taking pictures of my face after the use of the serum.

P/S: As my working hours are erratic, I’ll write more posts on my weekends and schedule them so that you get reads almost everyday!