5D4N Hong Kong Trip

Day One – Arrival and The Peak

Beef Ball Noodles @ Yau Ma Tei

Wanton Mee @ Mak’s Noodles, Central

Day Two – Macau

Street Snack – Pork Chop Bun

Day Three – Lantau Island

Street Snack – Curry Fishball

Street Snack – Tau Huay with Ginger Juice

Day Four – Ocean Park

Day Five – Dim Sum @ Tim Ho Wan

Char Siew Bun

Har Gau, Chicken Feet, Porridge

Turnip Cake

Osmanthus Jelly Cake


Huge bird spotted at PRP

Blogging from the office because I can’t contain my excitement any longer!

This morning I was at Pasir Ris Park doing site visiting and guess what and my colleague saw?

Yup, a grey heron sitting on the railing, unafraid of us and the park visitors.

We went really close to the bird. That’s so cool la seriously! How many times you can get as close as this to a large rare bird?

Good side of the job: You get to see interesting things like this.

Universal Studios Part 2

Here’s a long awaited post of Universal Studios!
Looking back at the pictures we took made me miss the trip so much…



The classic sci-fiction story of the Dinosaur created by Steven Speilberg has been made into one of the attraction of Universal Studios!

The first attraction of Jurassic Park we went is the Rapid’s Adventure.

Rapid adventure follows the storyline of a group of tourists (us) going for a river boat ride looking at the Dinosaurs. Some technical problem happened during the water raft and the whole park was in chaos.

The queue for this ride was the longest (approx 1 hour, FML)! Despite being in the shelter, it was so warm and humid. But after the raft ride, it was very cooling because of the water splash. Hahaha~

We were all soaked despite wearing a poncho!

After our boat ride, we also went to the Canopy Flyer. It is similar to a roller coaster, except we were travelled in pairs and there were no ground for us to step on. We had to sit down on our slippers other wise they would fall off and hit the visitors below us!



Here we are in the Ancient Egypt! Full of carved stones and pictorials on the wall!

Walking towards the indoor roller coaster called “Revenge of the Mummy”.

This roller coaster ride was damn scary and was beyond description of words.

Upon entering the attraction, there were people dressed up in ancient costumes and trying to scare visitors. The ride was all pitch black, you can’t see anything except the flashing lights.

A picture with a pharaoh on stilts.

After which we rode on the children’s ride Treasure Hunters.


The fake crocodile looked so real!

And this too!

Acting cute 😛

Yeah! The end of the ride!



On the Accelerator that resembles the Tea-cup ride in Pasar Malam, only difference is: There was so much more twirling.

My expressionless face because I have not yet recovered from the indoor roller coaster ride 😦



I looooooove the setting of this part of Universal Studios! The place resembles the 1930s with beautiful lights and architecture.

New York Central Library

We also caught Lights! Camera! Action!, an attraction showcasing the behind-the-scenes of how filmmakers create a hurricane scene hitting New York City… with explosions and amazing sound effects! WOO~

In a pizza cafe. Loooove the wallpapers of the cafe~



We went to this Hollywood Theater to watch a musical called “Monster Rock”, featuring the classic Universal monsters such as Dracula, X-men and Frankenstein!
Those people sings and dance really well!



After the musical, we went to Din Tai Fung for dinner! It’s my first time going to Din Tai Fung in Singapore!

I love xiao long bao more than other tim sums because of the soup inside! Nom nom nom~

A blur picture of a very nice tofu.
Cold because it was an appetizer dish, but the sauce was awesome!

Ordered dumplings because we were not very hungry for anything else.

Honeydew with Sago
Tooooo sweet because of the large amount of condensed milk at the bottom of the bowl. Not to my liking at all. 😦



Every Saturday night at 9pm, there would be a fireworks show!
Though I’m not really a fireworks fan, we still went for it!


That’s all! What a nice way to celebrate both Kai and my birthday! 😀
I miss Universal Studios!

Universal Studios! (Part 1)


It was scorching hot yesterday!
But thanks to the weather we get to visit so many attractions!

That’s where we went to! Resorts World!


The first place we went to in Universal Studios was Madagascar!


I love Merry-Go-Rounds! I love the colors and the music!


Kai is happy!


Then we were lucky enough to see the cast of Madagascar performing!

I like tuh move it move it~

Picture with King Julien!


Welcome to the land of Far Far Away…

Our first stop for Far Far Away was the 4d movie!

It’s my first time watching a 4d movie! It was so interactive!
But queuing up was a bitch though.

After the movie, we sat on the mini Ferris wheel!

The look from above


After the ride, we went to ride on the roller coaster!

No pics taken because cameras wasn’t allowed. It was a rather short ride, but it was fun!
My secondary school friend Clarence was working at the roller coaster station!


After Far Far Away, ya know what comes next?

Water World!

One of my favorite attractions!

Water world was a play about these group of people being the “last person” on Earth.
The Earth was covered with mostly water, and they’ll need to search for dry lands.

Then the villians of the show comes in and attack their fortress.
This show was damn cool, loads of explosions and water splashing to expect from!

The cast were also very interactive people!


That’s about it for part one!
Would be posting the rest of the attractions such as Jurassic Park, Ancient Egypt, Science Fiction City, New York, Hollywood and the fireworks tomorrow.


F1 & Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe!

Went out with Kai to F1 Event last friday!

The stage whereby Adam Lambert would be performing on…

I tried to learn it but I think I kinda suck at hand to eye co-ordination. 😦

I seriously thinks that the F1 event was set up to rip tourists’ money. We came to this stretch of food stalls (photo above) and we were really hungry because the aroma was so strong. But on closer look, the price was mad expensive! 12 bucks for a plate of satay and 4 bucks for a cup of drink. Wtf?

So in the end we walked away to the other booths.

F1 merchandises, anyone?

I think Kai looks good with his new spectacles!

Well anyway, that’s the end of the F1 event. We didn’t go and watch cars speeding or the concert because the weather was bad. It rained before we reached there and the whole place was muddy. It made me super paranoid because my legs were dirty! I wish someone could just carry me to places with proper pathways.

But food made me feel so much better afterward!

Grumpy girl doesn’t look good with smiles

Kai’s braised meat with preserved vegetables!
A bit salty but tastes quite good!

Chicken cutlet rice! Taste so much like the chicken cutlet I tasted in Taiwan!

I love curry. And I always love Xin Wang’s curry. 很有妈妈的味道!

Pig’s large intestines
I don’t like it. It tastes a little foul and weird.

Ending this post with a picture of myself. 🙂

Singapore Philatelic Museum

Admit it!

Meeting up with your boyfriend at different parts of town (day 1 = Orchard Central, day 2 = ion, day 3 = 313 Somerset…), have dinner together and then go catch a midnight show is boring.  Even if just seeing his face is all that matter, things still gets boring after awhile.


And movies tickets doesn’t come cheap at all!

(Girls don’t burn a hole in their pocket with dates but guys do.)


Window shopping is good but when I get near shops I would always want to buy some clothes/shoes/bags home. And you know guys right, they can’t bear the sight of girls leaving the shop with a bitter face so their wallets are always flat.

So I like visiting places which both of us don’t have to pay…

Source: http://www.media-cdn.tripadvisor.com

Like the Civil Defense Heritage Gallery!

Haha, we just loooooooooove making funny faces. 😛


Singapore Philatelic Museum

This museum is all about postcards and stamps!
I saw some pretty postcards in a blog the other day and it led me to the SPM! Just pure coincidence that a week after the search was the open house!
Which means it is free admission!  Best time to enter a museum. 😀

Olympic posters. My personal favorite is the one in Atlanta (second from bottom right)

This mailbox was used in Hongkong!

Coffee, anyone?

Since it was Hari Raya that day, there was a “Make a Card” session at the museum, teaching little kids how to make a card.

I’m a huge kid!

The staff demonstrating to us what should we do on these papers

Tadah! Finished product!

Folded heart made by strips of processed Cuttlefish ❤