Hydration: 5 Drugstore Skincare Products which I looooove

Hydration is important when it comes to taking care of my skin. It’s not just about drinking lots of water a day. It’s about getting products that adds moisture content to your skin.

It’s not true that only dry skin needs hydration. Oily skin needs hydrating as well because oil is produced when there is a lack of moisture content in our skin. The difference lies in the products you choose.

Below is the products I use that gives me QQ skin!


Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Moisturizing Lotion

It sounds like moisturizer or product for emulsion purposes but it’s not.

I guess many people are fooled by the “thick and runny” solution and used it after moisturizing step, in which they found no use of this product at all.

I love it because just 1 or 2 drops is enough for the whole face. It is absorbed by my skin very quickly and using it for a few months made my face smoother! Just pat it on your face lightly until it’s not sticky to aid in absorption.


Another Toner

Evian Brumisateur Mineral Water Spray

I love Evian’s mineral water and therefore I love this too. It is cheap (only $5.90 from Watsons) and just a spray replenishes moisture content in my skin. My skin feels refreshed, as if I just washed my face!

The only thing which I dislike is the nozzle.



Bio Essence Hydra Spa Energy Deep Moisturizing Dew Cream

This moisturizer has a gel like appearance that reminds me of jelly. It is a type of moisturizer that is oil-in-water formula, therefore it is very suitable for oily skin people like me. It is light weight and non greasy, and very easily absorbed into the skin!

The only cons is the packaging. It might look sleek and expensive but the cap is made of very cheap plastic. Screwing and unscrewing becomes difficult and white dusts (the kind that looked like saw dust) were produced!



Bio Essence Hydra Spa Energy Sleeping Mask

For days when I need facial masks but have no time to do so, I use a sleeping mask! The next day I always wake up with soft and supple skin whenever I use this.


Another Mask

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask

I bought this to try out when it was sold loosely at 2 bucks per piece. However it did not fail me. The mask is nicely fitted onto my face. Even though the absorption rate of the product is rather slow, when it is thoroughly absorbed my face feels velvety and smooth. Great product I must say!