K-Palette ‘Sweet as Chocolate’

Singaporean girls should be no strangers to K-Palette, a cosmetic brand famous for its “1 Day Tattoo” eye cosmetics.

Personally I am a great fan of K-Palette’s brow and eye liners as they are very lasting and natural looking.

Therefore, I was very excited to attend K-Palette’s ‘Sweet as Chocolate’ campaign, a launch on its new Real Lasting Eyeliner in Deep Brown (waterproof) colour and their newly improved formula this fall.

CIMG8769A picture of my sister and I wearing K-Palette’s brow and eye liners


Launched in Singapore in 2007, K-Palette has received numerous awards for its products annually. K-Palette’s 24h Real Lasting Eyeliner is one of the best-selling liquid eyeliner in Japan.

They have since expanded their range of eye makeup to include brow liners, eye pencils, mascaras and concealers.


New Improved Formula
K-Palette has improved on their existing formula to ensure eye liners and pencils dry instantly, which means no more panda eyes from smudging or blinking. Additionally, eye liners and pencils are more lasting with strengthened resistance against water, sweat and sebum.

The new formula also added Hyaluronic acid Na, water soluble collagen and Swertia Japonica essence to take care of the delicate area around our eyes during application.


There was a live demonstration by Ms Aya Umehara, a professional makeup artist with over 12 years of experiences in the beauty industry, on achieving different makeup looks using K-Palette’s brown eye makeup products.


Ms Umehara said that sultry and sexy eye makeup can be better achieved by using K-Palette’s Real Lasting Eyeliner in Deep Brown (waterproof) as brown eyeliners look less harsh on our eyes than black eyeliners.

Additionally our eyes can also look sexier when the upper liner and the lower liner are not joined together (as shown in the picture below).

CIMG8879 CIMG8901

We also attempted to use K-Palette’s products to create makeup looks on paper.

CIMG8782 CIMG8785 CIMG8909

Swatches of K-Palette’s eyeshadow palette. It comes in four different colours which users are able to create a natural day time eye makeup or a sexy smoke eye.

CIMG8787 CIMG8788

Where to buy?
K-Palette’s new Real Lasting Eyeliner in Deep Brown (waterproof) can be found at selected Sasa, BHG and Watsons stores from August 2013 onwards, retailing at S$19.90.

The Real Lasting Eyepencil and 2-Way Eyebrown Liner can also be found at selected Sasa, BHG and Watsons stores, retailing at S$25.90 and S$23.90 respectively.