Shills Beauty Crash Course + Product Review

Hello girls!

Last weekend I was invited to Shills’s Beauty Crash Course held in Tampines One! This event is held by Beauty Bistro. I’m so excited to be able to attend this event as I get to see Judy Lin 林叶亭 老师 in person!

Judy Lin 老师 is a beauty and hair consultant in Taiwan’s most popular beauty show ≪女人我最大≫. Even though she is a mother of three, she still looks so slender and beautiful! Well, the Taiwan media even gave her a title called 无龄肌美人 (ageless beauty) as no one could ever guess her real age!

Also this event is about slimming, anti aging and pore clarifying! Read more to find out how to get slimmer body with Shills products! Continue reading